Windows Vista ISO Download For Free (32/64 Bit) [Updated 2022]

windows vista iso

Windows Vista ISO Download for 32/64 Bit free from Softvela, having lots of new features. One of the most demanding operating system developed by the Microsoft Inc. Windows Vista Download ISO Free has some really awesome security and UI updates. Making the Windows users happier than the Windows XP experience by introducing a completely different look. Amazing Dynamic controls make the operating system more advance and scalable. The Complete standalone/Offline setup is available for download on x64 as well as x86 Bit Architecture.

windows vista iso

Technical Info About the Windows Vista ISO Download 32/64 Bit:

Full Software NameMicrosoft Windows Vista ISO
Architecture 32/64 Bit or x86/x64
Developer and Published byMicrosoft Inc.
Shared BySoftvela
VersionStandalone/Offline Setup
Complete File Setup Size8.3 GB
License TypeFree Trial

Complete Review about the Windows Vista Free Version:

One of the major release of Microsoft after the big release of Windows XP version. This time Microsoft has come up with a package of some awesome security and stability features. With new Dynamic controls makes the comparison between Windows XP and Vista more clear. The UI of the whole operating system we upgraded with the addition of some new elements and features. Help and Support from MS have been increased as compared to the XP operating system.

windows vista download iso

The Start menu and Toolbar has been replaced with a new look and fresh icons. With the addition of the new Search, the bar makes the windows experience more than the XP version. Now you can search any file in a matter of seconds to retrieve any sort of file. As we have seen that there were several Loopholes in the XP Operating system which are now completely being sort out. Several developers and users have different complaints, so this time Microsoft has come up with the solution for all in the form of the new operating system.

UI and System Performance:

Talking about the UI of this operating system, you will be amazed to see such an amazing look of this Windows OS. As the XP have an older look, the whole look of XP has been redesign in a new fresh look which makes it more unique.  Also, the performance of different background and foreground tasks has been increased by the proper scheduling of threads in the OS. As we have frequent complaints about the system crashes and bugs in the previous version. Now this time MS has come up with a solution which covers all the basic feature from the scratch.

Stability and Support:

The Vista Version of Windows is more stable than the XP one. Because you will experience the more updated and new form of technology being used in the generation and production of this operating system. You can access almost any kind of software and runs it for more time, even for the unlimited amount of time. You can download Windows 8.1 Lite ISO OR Microsoft Windows 7 All in One ISO

Talking about the Support, you will happy with the Microsoft world-class support available in the help center. Simply you can press the F1 Button and you will have the access to Help center. The Help Center has full detail documentation which covers almost any problem that is coming on your way while using the PC. Still, you can contact the MS Helpline or via Email too.

Security and Firewall:

While going to download or install any OS, one must think about the security features that the Operating System offers to their end users. Similar is the case with this operating system as well, you will have the world-class security features that will protect you from any kind of external and internal attacks.  Windows Vista has their own security center, where you can submit any kind of query and also you can scan your PC anytime.

Also, the Firewall has been enhance and update with the new virus definitions. You will experience the new features and updates the Firewall is going to offers you. Firewall gates for internet usage and external devices have been update with the new virus and malware definitions.


Some Amazing feature that the Windows Vista ISO Download have:

  • A New and Fresh look.
  • Vista Home Premium and Ultimate Editions.
  • Multimedia Features are just mind-blowing.
  • Performance is enhanced.
  • Stability in the usage.
  • Quick Loading.
  • Different Welcome Screen and Message.
  • Have a new Start Menu and Toolbar.
  • Security has been enhanced and updated.
  • Firewall is completely new.
  • Built-in Technical support for all users.
  • Smooth than Windows XP.
  • Secure than Windows XP.
  • The search feature is new.
  • Same like Windows 7.

Systems Requirements for Win Vista ISO For Free:

RAM (Random Access Memory)1GB
CPU 1 GHz (Core 2 Duo)
HDD Free Space8 GB
Graphics CardOptional

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