Windows 8.1 Lite Download (32/64 Bit) [Updated 2022]

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Lite Edition ISO is available finally in the Softvela site where you can find many software and apps for your systems. Download Windows 8.1 Lite free Full Edition with a bunch of new features and updates included in it. If your system is not supporting huge operating systems, then its time to install the Win 8.1 Single Lite Edition for 32/64 Bit Systems. The Standalone and Offline setup of Win 8.1 SuperLite Edition is given at the end of this article.

Technical Details of Windows 8.1 Superlite Edition x64/x86 Bit:

Full Software NameMS Windows 8.1 Lite
Architecture 32/64 Bit or x86/x64
Developer and Published byMicrosoft Inc.
Shared BySoftvela
VersionStandalone/Offline Setup
Complete File Setup Size702 MB
License TypeFree Trial

Complete Review of Windows 8.1 Lite for 32 Bit:

If you are using some huge kind of Operating system and want to try super lightweight Operating system then MS Windows 8.1 Lite is the best solution for your system. It is extremely lightweight in size that can run on your system by giving you maximum output. By maximum output, we mean that all the Apps and software programs will run drastically fast and reliably. Will never consume so much CPU power like other operating may do.

windows 8.1 lite download

Perhaps you may have tried the Windows 8.1 Enterprise, which was for the Business owners and huge organizations. Now, this version is completely different because of its size and speed. It has all the basic functionalities and features that every other Windows OS contains. All the extra and huge features are just removed from this version for the purpose of speed optimization. Like the apps of Sharing data in enterprises, Huge Firewalls gates, Huge Wifi Drivers and several other stuff. Try MS Win 7 Enterprise

windows 8.1 lite download iso

While talking about the main layout and presentation of this operating system you may be surprised to see the changes made in the welcome screen. As soon as you start the System and after the welcome message displayed, you are directly shifted to the main desktop of the system. This is one of the major updates in the Lite Windows 8.1 Version download. Because most of the user goes to Desktop after starting their PCs. Also try to Download MS Win 10 Lite


High-Security Updates:

Several high-class security updates are included in the latest Lite Version of Win 8.1 Pro Download, which decreases the security risks from any external sources. If you are receiving any data or files from any third party source, all the security features will be ready in action for the Real-time detection of any unwanted files or thread.

Super LightWeight:

You will be amazed to see the size and portion requires for it to install. Simply you need a little space for installing this Operating system on your PC. This is all because this version is so compressed and basic that all the huge files and features are removed from it. Because of this lightweight in size feature, your system performance is at the maximum level. You will achieve the maximum speed target that you will have never done in any previous Windows version.

The new Windows 8.1 Lite is a super light-weight operating system for people who do not want to be overwhelmed by the frills of modern technology. The computer user can use their time and attention in better ways, such as socializing with friends face to face, engaging in meaningful conversations about important topics instead of endlessly scrolling through useless posts on Facebook or looking at pictures that make them feel bad about themselves.

The new lightweight features of it are helpful to users who don’t want to use their own time and attention in the same ways as others do, helping them focus on what really is important, such as work, learning new skills or travelling to places that will enrich their lives.

It is built upon a core infrastructure that has been developed over many years and refined by programmers dedicated to building high quality software with an emphasis on user-friendliness without sacrificing performance or compatibility. The core program code has been cut down from hundreds of millions of lines in older versions of Windows operating systems to just thousands for W8Lite, which means less ‘junk’ installed on your computer. Also, try Windows 7 Lite Download ISO

New Start Menu:

It has a really nice designed new start menu with all the necessary apps in front of you. Remember that you will be displayed all the apps and software that you use most frequently on your system. You can jump to your favorite software in a matter of seconds because those are in front of your Eyes. Whenever your start your PC the first screen you will see the Start Screen.

It has a new and smaller start menu that allows your most used applications to be pinned on the left side of the screen. The new start menu also has the ability to run a command prompt program without opening up the desktop because it has its own taskbar that runs along the bottom of the start screen. The user can now access all installed apps from this start menu, no longer having to go through individual folders. This is a big upgrade over Windows 8 as it does away with the many different methods for getting around in that operating system and makes everything, including app activation, simpler.

You can also search inside the Apps using Cortana which is voice activated by default. Holding CTRL gives you more options such as Shut down or Restart etc.If there are any updates they will be shown here as well as warnings if any new viruses have been detected in your PC. You can also create restore points , do a refresh or reset your PC.

The Start Menu button:

It is now located directly on your task bar, giving you easy access to begin with logging into your computer or just browsing through your applications. It’s a smart idea because if you have multiple computers and use them both at school or at work, then you would be able to log into both efficiently with ease. Also since this isn’t as big as it previously was, it doesn’t take up all that much room on your task bar and allows more room for other buttons like Internet explorer and media player. It also allows you access to previously used files or tasks, and also allows you to use search in order to find what you’re looking for.

The Desktop:

It is basically as it was before with a smaller start menu. If your computer has touch screen capabilities then you can add different widgets that appear on your desktop such as settings, weather, news etc… It is designed so that you are able to quickly access the applications that have been placed onto the desktop by placing them into groups like games, office apps etc… Some new updates have allowed you to be able to enter multiple desktops making it more convenient when switching back and forth between programs so that they don’t clutter up your desktop. You can switch between these desktops by clicking on a small button.


It has a very nice collection of really handful apps to try. Also, you can connect the Windows Store to download various types of apps that you can use in future as well. You can also try Win 7 Starter ISO.

New apps have been included from Windows 8.1 in the Lite version of Windows 8.1. Some of these are Mail, Calendar, People, Photos and Maps. The apps are fully functional and can be downloaded with ease from the app store. The mail app is like the standard with a universal inbox, and a list of your emails. The layout differs slightly from Windows Live Mail 2012 and 2013 though. For example when you view an email it shows two columns in landscape mode instead of one. Other than that I am impressed by its simplicity as well as its functionality.


This can be used to create events that are synced up with your other devices but not much else. It allows for notifications on multiple devices (which is nice) and syncs with Google calendar if you have Gmail or calendar set up through the Microsoft account you use in Windows 8 (which mine was). This is pretty simple and straightforward.

Whenever you open an application it will go straight to the login screen without displaying the all-apps screen as before in Windows 8

Help: Help is now displayed at the bottom right of your monitor rather than being a block on the search menu as before if you need help for anything regarding windows or your computer system in general

Start Screen:

A new start icon is present on every tab making it easy to access, this makes it even easier to see your recently used apps quickly! You can also pin your favourite apps onto the taskbar for quick access.

This can be used to view your Facebook, LinkedIn or Windows contacts. It allows you to click through and see their status updates as well as any recent photos they’ve put up. Just like Mail this is very straightforward and simple which is great because it makes things easier.

I have never used Chrome before with my account so I decided to try it out and after a few minutes of playing around I found that the browser was great! Lots of useful tools from bookmarks to History where all are accessed by clicking on their respective icons in the top right corner of your screen, there’s also an updates button at the bottom left hand corner of your screen that a

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Several Amazing features of Windows 8.1 Lite Edition Download Free 32/64 Bit

  • Having a Nice look and design.
  • New Start Menu.
  • Several new apps.
  • Windows Store to access most apps.
  • Nice and easy layout.
  • Super Lightweight in Size.
  • Performance is 100% Guaranteed.

Systems Requirements For Windows 8.1 Lite Edition 64 Bit:

Below are some of the requirements for any system to meet at least the below requirements.

RAM (Random Access Memory)1 GB
HDD Free Space16 GB
Graphics CardOptional

Download Windows 8.1 Lite ISO Free x86/x64 Bit:

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