Windows 7 All in One Free Download (32 Bit/ 64 Bit) [Updated 2022]

windows 7 all in one

Get the Full Version of Windows 7 All in One Edition ISO from, which is the best website for downloading different software and apps. If you are looking for the Standalone and Offline Edition of Windows 7 AIO Free Download 32/ 64 bit then you are at the right place. This version of win 7 all in one iso free is compatible with x64 as well with x86 Bit Systems architecture. The 100% Download link of MS Windows 7 AIO full is given at the end of this review.

windows 7 all in one

Technical Details of Windows 7 All in One Edition Download Free ISO:

These are some of the technical details, please have a look at them.


Full Software NameMS Windows 7 AIO
Architecture 32 Bit
Developer and Published byMicrosoft Inc.
Shared BySoftvela
VersionStandalone/Offline Setup
Complete File Setup Size3.5 GB for 32 Bit / 5 GB for 64 Bit
License TypeFree Trial

Windows 7 All in One ISO Download Free Full Review:

If you are looking for an Operating system, especially if you are a lover of Windows 7. Then you might need all in one edition of win 7. Because this version contains all the versions of windows 7.  This is the Orginal and untouched version of windows seven, which comes up with new and latest feature to explore. You can select any of the version to install. Remember that if you are searching to install the Ultimate version, then you can do that in matters of seconds.

Several new themes and feature are available in the latest untouched version of windows 7 aio. It contains all the basic version of win seven for free. Some of them are:

All the new features and updates are included in the above version mentioned in the review. If you are a premium subscriber of Microsoft then you will have the 24 Support of Microsoft Corp. In case if you face any issue in the Operating system to operate then you can simply contact them to fix it for you.

windows 7 all in one download

About the Security and other Precious Updates:

Several new security features are now available in Windows 7 all in one. Remember that you can constantly update you security software in order to increase the security level. New Virus definitions are now include in the latest version of win 7 AIO full free download. The multimedia feature are amazing updated from any previous version of windows operating system.

Media Player and Web Browsing:

The new Media Player is awesome to play music and watch every format video. Some of the latest codecs are new present in the latest version of Media Player 12. The Web Browser is now updatewith latest features and add-ons. Some of the add-ons and plugins are free available in the store. Some of them are paid version which is also available in the store.

Now the Surfing speed is enhanced from the previous version of windows 7. You can now Import and export bookmarks from the browser to any other browser also. Like if you were using the Internet Browser and you want to migrate all your files and bookmarks to the Chrome then you can do that easily.

Networking and Sharing

With Windows 7, Microsoft seems to understand that many homes have content dispersed across multiple PCs. To make it easy for users to share documents, music, photos, video, and other files, as well as printers in the home, Microsoft has added the HomeGroup networking feature. Rather than monkeying around with the complex workgroups and network neighborhoods, Windows 7 users can simply create a HomeGroup password, and any Windows 7 user who is connected to the same network can join the group by just clicking the Join Now button under HomeGroup in the Control Panel.

We created a HomeGroup on the Dell Studio XPS 16 by first setting a custom password on a desktop workstation that was wirelessly connected via Ethernet to our router (a D-Link DGL-4500 802.11n gaming router). We then used the random ten-digit password generated by Windows 7. Next, we took the Toshiba mini NB205 that was also connected via Wi-Fi to the router, opened HomeGroup in its Control Panel, clicked Join Now, and entered the password. In just a few seconds, the two computers were able to access each other’s libraries from menu items in Windows Explorer or in file open/save dialog boxes.

Unlike our experience with HomeGroup in the beta version of Windows 7, accessing media files was nearly instantaneous. As soon as we dropped music into the shared folder on the XPS 16, it showed up in the music folder on the NB205. Likewise, playing both music and movies across the network was seamless; music played smoothly, and movies did not skip or stutter. We then opened a photo on the XPS 16 that was stored on the NB205. Using Microsoft Paint, we drew on the photo and saved it remotely, but it felt like we were editing it locally. This speed, ease of use, and the fact that Microsoft seems to be giving serious thought to how people are interacting with their digital media makes HomeGroup a strong feature.


We tested Windows 7’s performance on three laptops in different price ranges: the 10.1-inch Toshiba mini NB205-N310 ($399), the 15.6-inch Gateway NV5807u ($599), and the 16-inch Dell Studio XPS 16 ($1,804). While this does not, of course, completely represent the breadth of screen sizes, performance, and prices for all laptops, our goal was to test the OS on a sampling of systems, so that we could evaluate its performance with different capabilities and screen sizes. The Toshiba, for example, has a low-power Atom processor and 1GB of RAM; the Gateway has a dual-core processor but integrated graphics; and the Dell has a dual-core processor with a more powerful discrete graphics card.

Application Open Tests

Everyday tasks should generally feel zippier, too. That’s where our timed application open tests come in. When it came to opening Microsoft Word, the NV went to 4.8 seconds in Windows 7 from 7.5 in Vista; the NB205 rose to 5.8 seconds in Windows 7 from 3.8 in XP. The XPS 16 also took more time in Windows 7; it opened Word in 4 seconds, as opposed to 2.4 with Vista.

With Adobe Reader, the XPS 16 halved its time to 5.3 seconds from 10.1; the NV came down to 5.5 seconds from 6.8; and the NB205, 5.5 seconds from 5.8. Finally, with Firefox 3, the XPS 16 went to 3.7 seconds from 4.9; the NV, 3.2 from 4.2; and the NB205, 3.3 from 6.5.

Wake and Sleep Times

When it came to entering sleep mode and waking up, our results were more varied. While the XPS 16’s wake-up time dropped from 4.5 to 3.3 seconds, the time it took to go to sleep rose from 5.0 to 6.4 seconds. The NV’s results were more decisive; its sleep time dropped slightly from 8.0 to 7.7 seconds, whereas its wake-up time halved, from 4.2 to 2.3 seconds. The NB205 took 5.1 seconds to go to sleep in Windows 7, and 5.3 in XP; meanwhile, it took 1.8 seconds to wake up in Windows 7, and 3.2 in XP. It seems, then, that while Windows 7 might cause a modest improvement in sleep times, it has a bigger impact when it comes to notebooks waking up faster.

LAPTOP Transfer Test

Our laptops’ hard drives were generally faster under Windows 7. To test this, we ran the LAPTOP Transfer Test, which involves timing how long it takes to duplicate a 4.97GB mixed media folder, and then converting that time to a transfer rate. While the XPS 16’s rate fell to 16.4 MBps from 19.7 MBps, the NB205’s rose to 21.1 MBps from 18.1 MBps, and the NV’s inched up to 18.4 MBps from 18.3 MBps.

Transcode Test

Finally, we got a feel for each notebook’s multimedia prowess by converting a 5:05 MPEG-4 clip to AVI using Handbrake. The results were mixed: the XPS 16 took 6:30 with Windows 7 and 6:51 with Vista; the NV took 7:31 with Windows 7 and 7:20 with Vista. Finally, the NB205 took 28:40 with Windows 7 and 27:23 with XP. We’re more inclined to say that this is an example of the software not yet being fully optimized for Windows 7 than we are to accuse the OS of limiting notebooks’ transcoding clout.

Some Amazing features of Windows 7 All in One ISO 32/64 bit Download Free:

  • Have a new and amazing look.
  • Several version is available to install from.
  • New Security features.
  • Media Player is new and attractive.
  • Web Browsing is now awesome in this version.
  • Easy and understandable GUI.
  • New Themes and Wallpapers.

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Systems Requirements for Windows 7 AIO Download:

RAM (Random Access Memory)1 GB
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo 1GHz
HDD Free Space16 GB
Graphics CardOptional

Download Windows 7 All in One For Free x64/x86 Bit:

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