Windows 10 Gamer Edition Download [Updated 2022]

windows 10 gamer edition

Download Windows 10 Gamer Edition Full and Final Version for Free from Softvela which is a brand site for downloading free license/trial software. Microsoft Windows 10 Gamer Edition is specially designed and developed by the Microsoft Officials for Gamers. Several features which are necessary for Gamers to provide better Gameplay and UX for the Gamers are present in the Win 10 Gamer Edition ISO Full and Final Edition free Download. The Complete and 100% working Setup link is given at the end of this review.

windows 10 gamer edition

Microsoft Windows 10 Gamer Edition File Info/ Technical Details:

Full Software NameMicrosoft Windows 10 Gamer Edition
Architecture 32/64 Bit or x86/x64
Developer and Published byMicrosoft Inc.
Shared BySoftvela
VersionStandalone/Offline Setup
Complete File Setup Size 2.14 GB for 32 Bit/ 2.18 GB for 64 Bit
License TypeFree Trial


MS Windows 10 Gamer Edition Free ISO Full Review:

Microsoft has released its new version of Windows 10 for Gamers. All the basic requirements and features which are necessary for providing a better gaming experience are included in the gamer edition of windows ten. If you are a crazy gamer, then you must at least try this OS one time. By using this OS of Microsoft Windows you will be a fan of it. Several gamer plugins and features are upgraded from the previous version of Windows 10 like Windows 10 Pro etc.

windows 10 gamer edition free

One of the amazing features in Win 10 Gamer Version free is that it has the Xbox and Directx12 which is quite useful for playing the game smoothly on Windows. Remember that the DirectX 12 is the necessary tool for providing a smooth gameplay of any game you install on your PC. As you have XBOX in your Windows Ten Gamer Edition ISO then you don’t need to worry about installing any third party software.

You don’t need to install any third party software to install on your System for playing games of Xbox or Xbox One. Simply, you must have controllers connected to your system and you are good to go for playing high-quality games. The sound card for your system is the optional hardware requirement. As we all know that the sound system is built-in in most of the Systems.

UI and Updates about Gaming Tech:

The Graphics and UI are improved from the previous version of Windows 10. It is quite a necessary update because for playing the high-quality game on your PC you need to make sure that you have a Good Graphics Card. After Installing a Good graphics card, you will experience a better gameplay on gamer edition of win 10 like Microsoft Windows 10 AIO.

Win 10 Gamer Edition ISO has the ability to switch different screen modes during the gameplay. By default, it has the basic screen mode. If you want a double screen or triple screen mode, then you can easily switch among them. Also, the Projector connectivity feature is really cool and advance. Now connect your Projector and play the game on Projector Screen.

If you want to play games with your friends, then you can connect with them through Sync of Data or game states with One PC to another. This is a really awesome tool to experience the online connectivity and real-time gaming experience in your Friendzone.

Are you a Game Developer? If yes, then this is the best operating system to install on your PC. Sometimes game developers are busy in coding their Games in Compilers or IDE like Unity or Unreal Engines. If in case your battery goes down and system sleeps. Then your Work should be stored automatically and when you power on your PC, you will be continued from the place where you left.

Security Firewall, 3D Accelerators etc:

The Security and Firewall system is really impressive. They are updated after every 2 weeks. However, you will get updates notifications in the Notifications box / Alert Box as well. If you have any Security update available from the Microsoft Officials, then you will be alerted accordingly.

The 3D accelerated desktop is really awesome experience. Now you can use the 3D Elements and tools which you have installed from any third party software/apps. The Virtual Desktop system by default is present in every Windows 10 Version. Some 3D Paint tools are present in the operating system which can be used for design purposes.

It can support almost every IDE and runs it smoothly. Like If you are using the Unity3D then it can support this IDE. Also, the Debugging tools are supported by this operating system as well.  All the Adobe Products can be installed and run simultaneously with the Unity3D or Blender.

Game playing experience in Gamer Edition of Win 10:

The Game playing performance is mind-blowing. After playing the huge games on Windows 10 gamer edition iso for x86 and x64 bit you will realize that this is the actual windows I was looking for. Several fixes have been made at the backend to improve the graphical and gameplay experience.

The Dot Net Framework is already installed and present in the Operating System. This is the framework which is quite necessary for playing the Games which are huge in sizes. This framework is used when you are playing the game which has high-class animations and graphics.

Open two apps at once:

If we want to have two apps open on the right side of the screen we need to select and hold the title bar. Dragging the window to the top right of the screen we can see a gray outline showing where the window will snap.

We can take the remaining window and snap it to the bottom right by selecting it. Some apps might not be able to operate in ¼ screen mode. We can have one of the windows take up the entire screen by selecting the “Maximize” button as we are used to, or we can drag the window to the top of the window and release to snap to full screen.

Snap Assist Feature:

“Snap Assist”. “Snap Assist” helps snap windows to the screen for easier multitasking. If we want to be able to see all three of our windows at the same time we could move each window around manually.

“Snap Assist” allows us to snap up to 4 windows on the screen quickly and easily. To start, select and hold the title bar down on one of the Windows, then drag the window to the middle of either the left or right side of the screen.

When the window touches the side of the screen you will see a gray outline where the window will snap when we release the mouse. Touching the middle like we have here will result in the window snapping to the left half of the screen.

We can also touch the window to the corners instead to snap the window to ¼ of the screen. Let’s move it back to the middle to snap it to the left side of the screen. Upon releasing the window it will snap to the side of the screen and show the remaining windows on the other side.

Here we can see the two remaining apps we had open. Selecting either one of these windows will snap it to fill the space. Windows 8 allowed us to have 2 windows snapped like this. Windows 10 adds the ability to have up to 4 windows open.

You can also try to download Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise OR Microsoft Windows 10 Lite

Windows 10 Gamer Edition Free ISO 32/64 Bit Features:

Some of the amazing features of Windows 10 Gamer Edition are below, please have a look at them before making a decision.

Enhanced Speed and Performance:

It has really impressive speed and performance when you are in the gaming mode. No lagging behind even for a second when you are playing huge games.

Dot Net Framework:

You don’t need to install the Dot net framework from any third party source. It is already install for you in order to provide a better gaming experience.

Direct X12:

The DirecX12 is a necessary tool for playing the games on PC. Again you don’t need to install from your own side. Windows 10 Gamer Free has its own Direct X12.

XBOX Games:

You can play the Xbox one games for free on this OS. If you have controllers connect to your system. Then you are good to go to play the Xbox games.

Shockwave Player:

It has already included the necessary player for playing the media and flash files on your OS.


This Operating System has the best features of Security for the gamers. The regular updates will keep you safe and secure from external attacks.

Auto Updates:

The Auto Updates of different Drivers like Sound, Graphics, CD or any other hardware component will install the latest updates on your System. Thus, you will be safe and updated in the community.

Support Huge IDE and Compilers:

If you are a game developer then its good news for you. It supports all the IDE like Unity3D and Blender for graphics and 3D Modeling.

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System Requirements for Windows 10 Gamer Edition ISO Free 32/64 Bit Download 2018


Please have a look at your system requirements before going to install the OS.


RAM (Random Access Memory)2GB
CPU 1 GHz (Core i3)
HDD Free Space18 GB
Graphics CardOptional

Download Windows 10 Gamer Edition x86 and x64 ISO For Free:

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