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Download Windows 10 Professional ISO 100% Working Setup/Files from Softvela, one of the best Software Site. Windows 10 Pro Download for 32Bit as well as 64Bit architecture Working Links are given at the end of this review. There are a lot of new features and Bugs fixed in the Latest Version of Windows 10 Pro iso direct download. Some of the cool features like Cloud Storage, Cortana Fix, Edge Improvement and several other features are included in this DVD ISO of Win 10 Pro Edition. We will review all the best features and updates below.

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Windows 10 Professional Edition 32 Bit and 64 Bit ISO File Information:

Full Software NameMicrosoft Windows 10 Pro Version
Architecture 32/64 Bit or x86/x64
Developer and Published byMicrosoft Inc.
Shared BySoftvela
VersionStandalone/Offline Setup
Complete File Setup Size 3.4 GB for 32Bit and 3.2 GB for 64Bit
License TypeFree Trial


Windows 10 Pro Edition Latest ISO Offline Setup Free Download Thorough Review:


If you are still using Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, then you need to upgrade your System to Win 10 Pro latest version 2018. Because you are using the Outdated Windows System in your Lappy or Desktop Computer. This Operating system is available for 32Bit as well for 64 Bit Architectures. Some features which were awesome in Windows 7 and Windows 8, are present in the latest offline version of Win 10 Pro 2018. You may also like Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate ISO  OR Microsoft Windows 7 Professional ISO

One of the Cool features of Windows 10 Professional 32/64 Bit setup is that it have the nice looking start menu back in the bottom of the Screen. Several Apps which were necessary for Windows users are present in the latest version as well. Whenever you click on the Windows Icon of the start menu, you will see there are bunch of new apps which were not available in any other version like Windows 10 Lite.

Cortana and Other Big Fixes:

The Cortana, which is the most awesome feature of Windows 10, is now update. Now Expereince the realistic response of Cortana. Actually Cortana is type of Robot feature in win 10 which have the capability of converting your Voice commands to text and executable commands. At the Backend your response will be recorded and the required action should be done in less amount of time.

windows 10 pro download

Some Screen fixes are done, due to a large number of complaints in the Windows Forums to Microsoft Corporation. Now the Ugly screen blending and effects which were present in the Windows 8 are not present anymore. New Tiles are included as the newest feature of Windows 10 pro iso 2018 download. Tiles can be used as a Wallpaper effect when you are not using your System. Try Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise

windows 10 pro iso download

More Interesting features:

There are some amazing themes included in the latest version of win 10 professional. You can download themes from any third party websites as well and install it in your system. By Default, you will experience the basic Windows Ten theme which is Dark Blue in color. Some new Sounds are present in the operating system as well. By the Way, the sound system is fixed properly and updated to the latest Doubly Sounds Systems.

Notification Area and Action Center:

The “Notification Area” includes things like “Volume”, Network Settings, and battery power level. If there are too many icons to fit in the “Notification Area”, select the up arrow to “Show hidden icons”. Some apps appear in the system tray to show that they are running in the background and are not completely closed. “Action Center”. At the far right side of the “Notification Area” is the “Action Center”.

Select the icon to open the “Action Center”. The top of the “Action Center” contains notifications from Windows and installed apps. Some notifications will include updates being installed or new mail. Selecting a notification will open the corresponding app or system window. Selecting this new mail notification will open the “Mail” app to review the new message. Selecting the “X” on the right side of a notification will remove it from the action center.

The bottom of the “Action Center” contains quick launch icons. Some launch new windows like “VPN” and “All Settings”. Others are enabled by touching them, which turns them blue to enable them, like “Location”, “Quiet hours”, and “Airplane mode”.

Just to the right of the “Notification Area” is the “Clock”. Select the “Clock” to open the window. The Clock shows the current date and time at the top, with a calendar of the current month at the bottom. This calendar is for reference, like to check the day of the week a particular date falls on. If you want to change the date or time you would select “Date and time settings”. We can change the month by selecting the up and down arrows to the right of the month.

Selecting outside the “Clock” app will close it. “Show Desktop”. To test this option make sure there are some apps open. To the right of the “Clock” there is a small space on the taskbar. Selecting this will temporarily minimize all open windows at the same time. This is useful to be able to quickly find items on the desktop, and then return back to what you were working on. Selecting the far right of the taskbar again will restore all the windows to their previous locations.

Snapping Tool and Edge Latest features:

The Snapping tool is present for taking screenshots of any windows screen. However, you may use some different screen saving tools such as Lightshot which is the best tool for screenshots. The Latest 3D Paint tool is one of the best and awesome to experience the advanced class photo editing and painting. Now Switch the Screen in different modes available in the win 10 professional 32 bit.

Basic Windows 10 Browser known as Edge is a really awesome browser. Now you will experience the realistic page loading speed which is far better than Firefox and Chrome. However, Chrome Browser can use an alternative to speed browsing and page cache storing. The Cache can be removed after the browsing activity is ended.


Alert Box and Mail App Usage:

At the Bottom Right, you will see the alert box in download windows 10 Professional iso for free. In this alert box, you will see some alerts of Mails, Calenders, and Events etc. If you have set an event or calendar day on your calendar then you will receive the alert in the alert box. Also, you can see any errors or bugs which is caused by any malicious files are shown in the alert box.

The Mail App is really awesome, having a cool looking layout. You can  Signup from here to any mail provider. The Basic Mail Provider services like Gmail from Google, Yahoo Mail, etc can be registered and Sign-in here. This is quite a handy tool which can save your time while visiting the mail providers websites and checking your emails. While using this tool you will have access to several mail services at a time.

Amazing Cool Features of Windows 10 Pro ISO 32/64Bit Free Download:

Mail App:

Mail App is one of the cool features which can be used for the purpose of accessing different mail services at a time. You can consider this tool as your Messenger App as well, where you will receive all the emails of Different mail Providers. Several Bugs are solve in this tool, now it can provide access to almost top 20 mail Providers.


Cortana is a really awesome tool for giving and accessing your Files and Services with your voice Commands. While using this feature you are able to give the commands in term of Voice. It will automatically convert the Voice commands in the executable also. This feature is really handy for blind or physically unfit people also as they can’t see or type.

Alert Box:

The Alert Box can be use for the purpose of keeping an eye on your system daily activities. You can recieve alert whenever you receive any new update or you receive any new mail from someone. This feature is really awesome to be alert whenever you receive any attack from external files or sources.

New Themes:

Some realistic themes are present in the Win 10 pro for free. Almost 5 themes are present in every operating system. However, you can download from any other source and install it on your system to enjoy the cool themes.


One of the best browser in terms of Speed, Performance, and Size. This is really quick and fast browsing browser which can load your WebPage in seconds if you have a good internet connection. The Cache and Cookies feature is really awesome. Also, it has its own Web Store like Chrome Store from where you can download and install the latest Plugins as well.

Windows Store:

Really awesome, realistic Store of Different Apps. You can install any Windows Supportable App on your Operating system. This is almost like the Android Playstore powered by Google where you can download Windows Apps like IMO for Windows or Facebook messenger for PC.

Microsoft Office:

MS Office 2016 is present in the Latest ISO of Win 10 Pro free. You will have to activate it by providing your License key and you are good to go. Office 2016 can be use for many purposes like from basic text Editing to Powerpoint presentations etc.


This is really awesome app while playing the XBOX Games on your PC. But first, you need to have the controllers connected to your System for playing the games. All XBOX One games are supportable with this as the XBOX is powered by the Microsoft Tech.

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System Information and Requirements for Windows 10 Pro Edition ISO Free Download:


RAM (Random Access Memory)1GB
HDD Free Space16 GB
Graphics CardOptional

Download Windows 10 Pro Free latest Edition for Free :

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