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Download Windows 10 Lite Edition Latest Version from Softvela, one of the best site to provide working Downloading Link for Software. Windows 10 Lite ISO is available for 32Bit and 64Bit Architecture. This edition has the latest features of Start menu, sharing Files and UI. The Full and Final version of Windows 10 Lite ISO Free Download for PC which is recently released by the Microsoft Inc Officially. Here on Softvela, you will get the full 100% Working link for the Lite Edition of Win 10 at the end of this review.

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Windows 10 Lite 32/64Bit ISO Free File Information:

Full Software NameMicrosoft Windows 10 Lite Edition
Architecture 32/64 Bit or x86/x64
Developer and Published byMicrosoft Inc.
Shared BySoftvela
VersionStandalone/Offline Setup
Complete File Setup Size 2 GB for 32 Bit/ 3 GB for 64 Bit
License TypeFree Trial


Win 10 Lite ISO Full and Final Edition Full Honest Review:

If you are a person who is a regular Windows 10 user and experiencing some lagging behind in your Operating System. Then you should try windows 10 lite for free where the loading speed is really awesome. This operating system is built for those users who are not using Win 10 for development or huge production services.

windows 10 lite free download now

There are a bunch of new features in the Windows 10 Lite ISO X86. Some of them are based on the backend speed of the operating system. While other feature solely depends on the frontend of the system. Means that those features and Apps that we use them in our daily routine.  If you are working in the office and you have some issues with the speed of your windows then this one is for you.

This is the lightweight windows 10 operating I have ever seen and experience. The media services are enhanced from the previous version of win 10. Now the media files like MKV, MPG etc can be play with high speed and no lagging issue at all. You will experience the best feature of Media Player also, the audio player like Groove Player is really awesome for playing and listening songs.

Previously all applications you opened would open on the same desktop. If you are working and playing on the same computer things can get cluttered. Task view allows you to create multiple virtual desktops, each with their own open applications. You could have one virtual desktop running your business applications like Word and Excel, and have another virtual desktop running Facebook and Twitter. This makes it easier to separate the two types of use for the computer, while allowing you to pick right back where you left off.

Download Windows 10 Lite Edition ISO Full and Final Version:

One of the amazing thing in Windows 10 Lite ISO x64 version is that all the unwanted apps and feature which were of high sizes are removed. Only those apps are included which are necessary for basic usage of windows operating system. The new update system is really cool, you will be notified whenever you have any new update available for your system.

Please make sure that you are using the updated version of windows 10 lite free. Because there are really cool features in the updated versions which are not available in the last versions. The Background themes and effects are included which can be applied on the background as well on the foreground screens. The UI and UX are made realistic, now everyone after installing the windows 10 lite standalone setup will have no issue at all in the UX of the operating system.

Changes to Default Browser:

With “Windows 10” Microsoft has replaced the default web browser included with “Windows”. Previously the default web browser since “Windows 95” was “Internet Explorer”. After 20 years “Internet Explorer” was growing a little long in the tooth. “Microsoft” developed the “Edge” browser with speed and modern technologies in mind. As we can see in this example “Cortana” searches Bing and provides detailed reviews from Yelp and a local map showing each location.

Hovering over any of the restaurants listed in the reviews will highlight their location on the map. “Cortana” can provide reminders based upon time, date and location. We could enter commands like “Remind me to buy gas when I leave work”, “Remind me to put out the trash when I get home”, or “The next time I’m at the grocery store, remind me to buy milk”. As an example let’s enter the command “Remind me at 6pm to watch the local news”. This will open the reminder settings window. We can customize the reminder text, the date, the time and the frequency for the reminder to occur.

If everything is entered correctly select “Remind”. To review the Reminder we just created select “Reminders” from the “Cortana” menu in the top left of the app. By default it shows “All” of the reminders. We can also show the reminders sorted by “Time”, “Place” or “Person”. To return back to the default “Cortana” screen select Home from the menu. Some questions will be answered directly within “Cortana”, like math problems and weight and measure conversions.

Let’s enter “365 x 24 x 60” to calculate how many minutes in a year. To enter another search term we can either close the “Cortana” app and reopen it or select the text and delete. Let’s enter “How many kilometers in a mile”. At launch, there are hundreds of useful commands similar as in Windows 10 All in One ISO Download available with new ones being included continuously by Microsoft. For a more complete list of “Cortana” commands, we can search Bing for “Cortana commands”.

Changes to Task Views and File Explorer:

The “Task view” button is located on the Taskbar just to the right of “Cortana”. So that we are able to see the difference in desktops, let’s make sure that several apps are open. . We can tell that the apps are open by the blue line underneath them. The “File explorer” app is pinned to the taskbar, but it is not running. Select the “Task view” button. The two open apps are displayed side by side to easily determine what is happening on this desktop.

We currently only have the single desktop open, so we only have the option of “New Desktop”. Select the “New Desktop” button. We now have the original desktop tile open on the left, the new 2nd desktop tile in the center, and a tile to add a “New Desktop” like in MS Windows 10 Pro . Let’s open the new desktop by selecting “Desktop 2”. For comparison purposes let’s select and open the “Calculator” app from the “Start Menu”. Select the “Task View” button again to review the virtual desktops.

We can see the currently selected desktop is highlighted with a preview of the content above. There is a small preview of the desktop content in the tile. If we hover the mouse over either of the virtual desktops, we will see a preview of all the open apps running on that virtual desktop. To move between the two desktops select the “Task view” button and then the virtual desktop. This is a great feature to increase productivity and separate tasks. We can close any of the open virtual desktops by selecting the “X” in the top right of the desktop preview tile.

About OneDrive, Security and Troubleshoot:

OneDrive is a really cool tool for storing your files online in Cloud. All your files are stored online. Even you can sync your files with the Onedrive. In that case, you don’t need to worry. There will be a backup which is available for restoring your old files in case if you lost them in any case.

The Security for the Windows 10 Lite Edition x86 and x64 is upgrade now. All the definitions for latest kind of viruses and malware are include in the OS. After updating the Lite edition of win ten, you will realize that how realistic and cool features are available in security perspective. Firewall is update from the last version, now it will have a new look and options available.

The Troubleshoot Feature is really awesome and supportive too. If you are facing any issue in drivers or any file is not opening, then you can consult with the Troubleshoot. It can solve almost any issue for you even the net connectivity problems which are commons issue in any OS. If you are facing any sound issue or probably your System sound driver is not working fine then you can fix it with troubleshoot.


Some Realistic Features of Microsoft Windows 10 Lite ISO x64 and x86 Latest:

Below are some of the amazing features of Windows 10 Lite Edition ISO for 32 and 64 Bit architecture. Please have a look at choosing this operating system for your PC.

Super Lightweight:

This the only Windows 10 Operating System that is really Lightweight in terms of Size and Free Space required for it to install on your System. Literally, you don’t need to worry about too much size for installing and properly running it.

Fast and Enhanced Performance:

While Comparing Windows 10 Lite Free ISO with other versions of lite Win 10 pro Download, Education or Enterprise. We have analyzed that the performance of Lite Edition is really awesome. If you are looking for a better performance operating system then you are good to go.

Regular Updates:

After installing this, please make sure that you have activated the option of automatically updates installs. In case if you deactivate this option then you will not experience the awesome regular updates from Microsoft Officials.

Search Box and Start menu:

The Search Box is being replace by a Circle option for searching any app or File. Also, the start menu is now update from the previous version. Some apps which are really necessary for using the windows 10 are present.

Easy to use:

Windows 10 Lite Edition ISO is specially design and develop for those people who are unaware of some complex tools and options. Now they will have no issue at all by using this Operating System. Really handy and easy to use an operating system with a bunch of core features. Like in Win 10 Enterprise

Bluetooth and File Sharing:

Bluetooth which is the Awesome and most demanded tool for sharing files and photos with the Phone is present in the Lite Edition of Win 10. You can also Sync your PC with other PC as well as with the Phone you have attached.

Recycle Bin Cool Feature:

If you have deleted files recently and you are bore to clean you recycle bin regularly or every week. Then there is an awesome feature of automatic cleaning of your recycle bin after 30 days is available.

Security Updates:

One of the best features in Lite Edition ISO is security which is most needed one. There are regular updates of security features which can be available to you after installing this operating system.

Virtual Desktop:

The Virtual Desktop feature is really awesome, you don’t any third party app for installing the Virtual Desktop. It is now the built-in software which will be available for experiencing the latest feature of Virtual Desktop System.


Microsoft Edge is the fastest lightweight browser which is offer by the Microsoft Technologies. Now, this is available in the Lite Edition of win 10 which can be enjoy after installing it.

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System Requirements for Windows 10 Lite ISO x64 and x86 Edition Free Download:

Below are some of the System requirements which are necessary before installing the operating system on your PC. Please have a look at them

RAM (Random Access Memory)1 GB Recommended
HDD Free Space6 GB
Graphics CardOptional

Download MS Windows 10 Lite FULL Version For Free:

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