Office OneNote 2010 Free Download

Office OneNote 2010

Office OneNote 2010 is one of the mostly used for taking notes. All of your notes are stored electronically now, you don’t need to worry about it at all. Office OneNote 2010 Free Download is not a new Office suite, but a new Office application. It can be used by anyone and customized to your needs. It contains most of the features that Microsoft Office has been well known for, as editing pictures, creating tables, using themes and templates.

Complete Technical Information about the Software:

  • Software Name: Microsoft Office OneNote 2010
  • Developers: Office
  • Full Setup Size: 300 MB, 327 MB
  • Setup File Name: Microsoft_Office_2010_Onenote_x86_32bit.iso, Microsoft_Office_2010_Onenote_x64_64bit.iso
  • Compatibility Architecture: 32 Bit (x86) / 64 Bit (x64)
  • Setup Type: Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup

Complete Overview of Office OneNote 2010 Version for Free:

Office OneNote 2010 makes it much more easier to organize all of your notes in one place instead of having several note books with all sorts of information mixed together in them. Once you start using Office OneNote 2010 , you’ll notice how easy it is to use and how flexible it is to modify according to what you need it for. Also, try PeachTree 2013 Free

Managing the files

A place to store all of your notes in one place. Office One Note will store everything you put into it, everything is searchable and you can export your notes easily. Office One Note has many options to customize the settings according to what you need it for. Office One Note also allows you to back up multiple versions of Office Ones note on Office Online so that if any thing goes wrong with Office One Note just go online and find a previous version of Office Onenote.

Office OneNote 2010 is organized easily into notebooks that be have open at once or separate into individual sections. It has many more features that are not even mentioned above because Office one note is meant to be customized for each individual user and their needs. It is a great way to store all of your information whether it be business information or personal use, Office One Note will help you out in anyway possible. Also, try Microsoft Office 2003 Free Download Portable

Create Notes Easily:

In the ever-changing technological world, Office OneNote 2010 is a must have software for all laptop and desktop users. OneNote allows you to take notes in one place and organize them in several different ways. You can always find your papers by searching on words that are associated with the topic you are researching. It helps you share notes with friends or colleagues online through the OneNote web interface. You can access this feature by logging onto: from any computer such as a notebook, college lab computer, etc., without having to install anything on your hard drive!

OneNote offers many features that make note taking fun and simple. For instance, when typing a paper it is tough to keep track of what you are writing. OneNote allows you to add images, pictures and words from your printer or scanner into your notes. This feature is a great way to adding visuals to your work allowing the reader to see exactly what it is that you’re talking about. This makes note-taking much easier when referencing other sources in conjunction with Microsoft Word. Also, try Microsoft Office 2013

Onenote keeps track of stuff

OneNote 2010 is simple yet fun tool for all ages, great for students, teachers, programmers/developers and more! Check out today to get started on this kick butt software!

The Basics:

Use the Table feature to arrange and format content in any shape or style. With its easy drag-and-drop functionality, every time you start typing or add an item to your notes, you will have a table created for you automatically.

With OneNote 2010, sharing your notes has never been easier. You can share any page or section of pages of your notebook with other people any time you want. This is done by clicking the “share” button located at the top right corner of every page in OneNote. Once clicked it shows a few different ways that you can share pages including email, Skype and more! By clicking on Email address, the email page opens up where you can send someone the link to view a specific section of your note taking book! A great way to work on homework assignments together with friends online through the web interface!

Search Quickly with Search Bar:

The Search bar allows users to quickly search text either in your notes or the web. The search bar comes down with a list of options that allow you to narrow down exactly what it is that you want to find. This makes retrieving information much easier and faster than ever before!

OneNote really shines when it allows users to attach files from their hard drives, CD’s and even emails straight into their notebooks! This is great for taking notes on an email or document that someone sent from anywhere in the world! It also has a feature called “Lasso Select” which helps draw a box around all the text you want selected so that if your copying some old notes and need to paste them into OneNote again, all the text will be highlighted making things simpler for you! Also, try Portable Microsoft Office 2007

It is very easy to add images with OneNote 2010. Especially if you have Microsoft Office Professional on your computer, which allows you to draw or create pictures with a variety of tools! Microsoft Paint is also pre-installed by default on all computers these days and allows users to grab any image off the web and easily paste it into their notes!

Screen Capture tool:

OneNote even has its own screen capture tool that enables users to take an image of only part of the screen instead of the whole monitor, making note taking much easier when referencing someone else’s website or just a picture from your hard drive!

Users can simply type in OneNote 2010 download iso without anything appearing on their screens. This works as long as someone isn’t interrupting them while they’re typing away because nothing would show up on their screens. Once someone interrupts them, the text appears on their screens and then they are able to continue typing just like if the person didn’t interrupt them at all! The only way to do this is with OneNote 2010 for Windows 7!

User-Friendly and Simple Interface:

What makes MS OneNote 2010 user-friendly is the simplicity of its interface. It does not have a lot of buttons or links, so you won’t get lost easily. A few menus and commands around the program are all that it takes to navigate through the programs. Here is a screenshot of the OneNote 2010 interface:- One thing you’ll notice right away is the Notebook List which shows all of your notebooks in a hierarchical structure. This makes it easier for you to search and organize your notes.

Office OneNote 2010 also has a section called Quick Notes, where I sometimes put short reminders that I don’t need further organization with links and tags. It saves time when typing new notes on this part because it’s already there in the program so all I have to do is type my note. The Zoom Slider and Live Preview are two features that are very useful when taking screenshots or copying information from other websites; just by sliding the zoom slider on the toolbar, you can make images bigger or smaller. With Live Preview, you can directly view how your screenshot or copied information will look like in the notebook page.

This feature is very helpful when I’m typing a new note and want to integrate an image from the web. This way, I can see what it’ll look like first before saving it. The Starred Items menu organizes your notes into categories. You are able to drag-and drop your notes into relevant categories (e.g.: classes). Whenever you want to go back to that category, just click on its name on the list and all the notes will appear in a hierarchical section, making it easy for you to find what you’re looking for. In addition, there’s also an All Items menu which shows everything.

Color Coding:

OneNote also features color coding for certain types of notes in your notebook. For example, if you create an audio note, its icon will appear with a microphone; if you create a drawing note, then it will feature an image of paint brush and palette tools on top of the icon, and if you add a web page link to your notes, arrows linking them together will show up on top of its icon.

This is a very handy feature because you can instantly identify what type of note it is just by looking at it. It also makes organizing your notes a lot easier because you’ll know which notebook to put the note into without even opening up the page where the note appears.

With this version, Microsoft has made OneNote simpler and more organized than before. The features are yet so easy to use that even students can use them in easily organizing their ePortfolio or major assignments.

System Requirements For MS Office OneNote 2010

Before you start MS Office OneNote 2010 free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Memory (RAM): 1GB of RAM required.
  • OS (Operating System): Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: 500 MHz Intel Pentium processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB of free space required.

Download MS Office OneNote 2010 For Free:

Download Here