Microsoft Office 2003 Free Download Portable [Updated 2022]

Microsoft Office 2003 Free Full Portable Version is one of the first Microsoft releases for Windows Operating system after the Old Office XP version. Download Microsoft office 2003 free portable version for 64 Bit as well as for 32 Bit from softvela, which have a bunch of new features. There are total 3 Service packs released so far in Office 2003 free full version download. This is the standalone and offline setup of MS office 2003 portable free full version 32 Bit which is compatible with Windows 2000, XP,7,8,10.  The Final version was released in 2007 as Service Pack 3.

Technical Details of MS Office 2003 Final Version Portable Download:

Full Software NameMicrosoft Office 2003 Pro
Architecture 32 Bit/ 64 Bit
Developer and Published byMicrosoft
Shared BySoftvela
VersionStandalone/Offline Setup
Complete File Setup Size102 MB
License TypeFree Trial

 Complete Review of Portable MS Office 2003 Free Full Version Download for 32/64 Bit

Perhaps you may have used the Office XP, which was also a one of the best software as Office suite released before the Office 2003 Final version. Having all the basic features included in this office makes it a more advance form of Office XP for the Windows users. Several new features and updates make this a unique software for Office and Home Work of Data Entry and Writing.

There are numerous packages as software in this Office 2003 full package, name as Word, Access, Excel, and Powerpoint. All of know that what these packages used for, like Word is used for editing a document, similarly access is used for storing and retrieving the data like you can say Database. The calendar sharing features is really a big update in this version. Similarly, the Email and Unicode Support features make this software more unique than any other software available in the market today.

You may have heard about Office 2007 Free Download, which is the upgraded and latest version released in 2007 and 2008. The Search folders and color flags features are present in the 2003 office version for free, which are really handy features to use in this version. Cache Exchange program for exchanging the cache when you are writing an article or theory is really awesome. This feature can be used while writing an article or Email and you don’t have a full battery life.

Junk Mail Filter in Outlook 2003:

One of the interesting thing in Outlook 2003 is the junk mail filter which is really handy tool while removing any junk and spam type of email from the Inbox or sent messages. This feature was not available in the previous version. Now with this filter, you can delete all those spammy looking emails in a matter of seconds.

Reading Layout and Document Comparison:

In Word 2003 the reading layout feature is one of the best updates in reading different reading materials. This layout will make you feeling relax while reading, apply this tool while you are reading any Novel or article and you will see the effect.

Similarly, the document comparison feature can be use for comparing different documents. You can compare different characters and words in two different documents. This is a really handy tool which will help you out in comparing the differences or similarity in two different documents.


XML Based Format and Voice Comments:

This version is now new one with the addition of XML Base format of any text or writing. Now you can export all of your words and be writing in XML format for any website or web page to paste. Also, the voice comments can be applied while commenting down any section of an article.

The Voice comments is one of the interesting features in term of time-saving. Because you can comment out different sections of an article in less time by applying the voice comments. You can also Win 7 Starter Final Edition OR Microsoft Windows 7 Home

Backup Command In Access 2003:

If you’re working in database, you may probably need a backup plan and command to execute and store data for you. With the help of these commands, anyone can store their data as backup. These backup files can be store online as well on the Drives. You can also import different backup files in the access if you have lost any database structure data.

Powerpoint new Templates:

There are several new templates and slides styles are present in the powerpoint of MS Office 2003 Full version download portable. These templates can be apply to any presentation to make it more attractive and decent. You can also apply some different kind of animations and styles to the slides for better presenting purpose in the Office or Organization. You can try Adobe Flash CS6 Pro 64 Bit

Also, you can make a video of Presentation and Export it in many Video formats like MPEG, MP4 etc which is a really awesome tool to experience. There are some new video formats present now in the Office 2003 SP3 Download free. Which makes the options more complex and choose.

FrontPage 2003:

This is a really awesome tool which can be use as frontpage for editing different HTML documents. You can find and replace different elements in HTML. Like H1,H2 or <br> tags in the documents. It will make the finding and replace process a lot easier and faster than enough.

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Some Amazing features of Portable Office 2003 Full Free Edition for 32/64 Bit Download:

  • Microsoft Office Picture Manager.
  • Simple and Easy Installation.
  • Quick tool for editing and writing purpose.
  • Calendar Sharing and XML Format
  • Color Flags are possible now.
  • Unicode is fully available.
  • Enhanced Email Reading and Sending in Outlook.
  • New Reading and writing layout view.
  • Have a nice cool design and interface.
  • New Backup Plan Commands in Access.
  • XML Data Import and Export.
  • Fonts and Templates.

System Requirements for Microsoft Office 2003 Full Download Portable Version:

RAM (Random Access Memory)512 MB Recommended
Operating SystemsWindows XP/7/8/10
CPU Pentium 3 or Higher
Graphics CardOptional
HDD Free Space400 MB free space at least

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