Adobe Flash CS6 Professional Download [Updated 2022]

adobe flash cs6 professional

Adobe Flash CS6 Professional Version is one of the best tool for animations creators and graphics designers. Download Adobe Flash CS6 Free from, which is completely compatible with 32 Bit as well as with 64 Bit Operating systems. If you are an animation designer, you may have probably use other animation tools and software. But today we have brought the latest version of Adobe Flash Pro CS6 that will really help in creating 2D and 3D animations in no time. The complete offline/standalone setup of the software is given at the end of this review.

Technical Details of Adobe Flash Professional CS6 Full X86/X64 Bit:

Full Software NameAdobe Flash CS6 Professional
Architecture 32 Bit/ 64 Bit
Developer and Published byAdobe
Shared BySoftvela
VersionStandalone/Offline Setup
Complete File Setup Size2 GB
License TypeFree Trial

Complete Review of Adobe Flash CS6  Professional Edition Download:

If you have used the previous version, you may have probably use all the latest feature that was available in that version. Now one of the interesting thing in CS6 Version Adobe Flash have that all those features are also available along with some new ones. Create stunning animations and graphics with this advance class graphics design and animation software that Adobe has created.

adobe flash cs6 professional download

Actually, the previous version was released in 2011 and this one released in 2012 with all new features and services. The Online sharing and cloud storage capabilities of this software make it great for all the animation producers to store their data in secure place. At First, the Macromedia Shockwave player was owned by someone else, but after the re-join in Adobe, it named as Adobe Flash.

You can now easily export the Sprite sheet and PNG Sequence in the latest version which is the unique feature in the latest version of Adobe Flash. One other awesome feature is of CreateJS toolkit, which is being in use by many developers and designers.  The new mobile counter simulator makes the life easier for all the animation designers.

Mobile Counter Simulator:

Mobile Counter Simulator is an application built with Adobe Flash CS6 Professional. The simulator simulates the look and feel of iOS as well as Android operating systems. The Mobile Counter Simulator will help you to create applications that are compatible across multiple mobile devices. Mobile Counter Simulator is a mobile app to simulate live events which are taking place in real time. It can be used for different purposes like counting attendees at any place or event, crowd estimation etc.

The Mobile Counter App includes 3 main screens – Start, Countdown, Click-Counter, each having its own functionality but altogether work together to create a realistic mobile event counter. The interface consists of 2 buttons which initiate the count process and another button serves as help/exit link to take you back to the previous screen.

The newest and one of the advance feature in Adobe Flash Pro CS6 Free download makes the life of programmers and designers easier. With this tool, you will be able to connect your mobile phone with PC by exporting the Flash files for test purpose. This tool is present in the Simulator Section of the software. You can also try Adobe Illustrator CS6 64 Bit

adobe flash cs6

Speed and Performance:

Graphics designers and animation designer needs a software that loads faster and performs tasks better and faster. So this is the only software in the market today that is providing the world-class performance of loading in seconds. Also, the rendering process has been optimized by increasing its speed to the maximum.

One amazing thing to note that the speed and performance of the Flash CS6 is tremendously fast and amazing. There are no lags like in previous versions, as well as there is no hanging on any keypresses. The huge optimizations have been made that make it incredibly easy to work with this new flash software.

The Interface:

It looks aesthetically beautiful, even if you are a first timer with flash or had used older version of it, you can easily adapt to this one without exploring much options because everything has been kept close together in appropriate places that will look familiar to you. The files explorer which was hidden under the tools menu has now been changed and enlarged so that we can see what’s in our folder right away without opening them through windows explorer separately and taking the unnecessary time.

The new display modes give you the option of playing your animation in fullscreen, but that may put some strain on your system’s memory and CPU power if you have a low-running machine, so I suggest you to play it in window mode to avoid any trouble.

The Assets Panel:

All eyes are directed towards this panel as it is where all the assets reside which we want our animation to perform with. We can download different types of animations from Adobe Exchange which is not just limited to downloading graphics for flash, but also contains many other things like audio files or video clips etc… Anything that is editable through Flash CS6 can be downloaded from here. It will be automatically placed into our “asset” library when we download them.

This panel is also a good place to look if we have previously downloaded something from adobe exchange in the past as they are all stored here for our future use. The assets can be sorted by clicking on the tabs such as Textures, Sounds and Clips etc… So that you can easily find your animations when you need them. This makes it easy to work with any external assets without much frustration.

The Properties Panel :

Animations are created by adding keyframes at different intervals of time to make an animation perform in the designated manner we want ( usually ). In previous versions of flash, there was no way other than using “old school” tweening which was pixelating and not very user friendly as to add different types of effects or animations to your movie. But now, the properties panel which is attached with every asset we use give us easy access to add new keyframes in our animation right away without moving out of our work area which makes it extremely comfortable for a designer who is making an animation. Also, this feature helps speed up the process of creating animations especially when you’re using advanced tools like inverse kinematics etc…

Creating and managing symbols:

This is made easier by adding “artboards” that can be added before hand so that we don’t have to create multiple versions of one symbol because having one artboard might not always be sufficient while working on larger projects. The library editor has also been extended to support editingadding or removing of symbols that are already given to us so that we can control the properties easily.

The Preview window has been changed minimally, but still gives you the same previewing experience which makes it convenient for designers who have been using flash for a longtime to quickly check the progress made as well maintain instant accessibility with their work space.

Preview Availability:

After creating stunning animation, every designer and animator needs to test their work. For this, the new Preview feature is really cool and quick. Even you can load and run the heavy animations with this tool. Simply just switch to the preview tab and run the animations from there. Try Photoshop Portable 2018  OR Photoshop 7

Help and Support:

The help and support system is really awesome. If you face any issue in the software it will be fixed online within no time if you are a subscriber of Adobe Products. However, you can get help from the Adobe forum as well.

Scale the Screen:

While performing the designing and animation tasks, you may need different screen sizes and resolution at different locations. The Scaling property enables you to scale the screen according to your choice.

High-Resolution Graphics:

Now with the help of this software, you will be able to process huge animation and graphics files. You can export different high-quality animations and images from the third party as well. It can run on 1080p easily depends on your system screen resolutions. The Background and UI of the software is so friendly that you will become a fan of using the latest class graphics and UI Items. All the basic items are presnet on there place. Like the Scaling and Cutting tools are present on the front line.

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Some Interesting features list of Adobe Flash CS6 Professional Free Download 32/64 Bit:

Below are some of the amazing features listed which are present in the latest version 2018. Please have a look at them.

  • Simple and Clean design.
  • Change the Background and work environment color.
  • Work in 1080p High Resolution.
  • Several Publishing options are present.
  • The Preview of animations feature is present.
  • Scale the Screen according to your Workflow.
  • Fast and high-performance software.
  • Quality animations are possible.

Systems Requirements for Adobe Flash Pro CS6 Download Free:

RAM (Random Access Memory)2 GB Recommended
Operating SystemsWindows XP/7/8/10
CPU Pentium 4 or Higher
Graphics Card128 MB or Higher.
HDD Free Space4 GB free space at least

Download Adobe Flash Pro CS6 For Free:

For downloading this software, you have to click on the download link given below. If you feel any problem in downloading the Flash CS6 full setup, please feel free to contact us via [email protected].

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