Lumion Pro 6 Download Free [Updated 2021]

Lumion Pro 6 is a wonderful 3D animation creation and video editing tool which can be really helpful for the 3D artists, architects, urban planners and designers. Comes up with a bunch of new features and plugins which makes the software alot faster than the previous version. Download Lumion Pro 6 Complete Zip for free from softvela as we always provide the working download links for all these software. Having a bunch of new 3D architecture designs and templates which can be reusable in several ways.

The overall performance of the software is enhanced alot while making sure the quality of the outputs and imports remains the same. With one click, import several kinds of files and videos into this software. This is the standalone software which is fully compatible with 32 Bit as well as 64 Bit Operating Systems. Let’s dive in and discover what are some special features available in this software.

Technical Details of the Setup:

  • Software Name: Lumion
  • Version: 6
  • For: PC

Overview of the Lumion 3D Animation tool Download For Free:

Are you a 3D artists or urban planner and looking for software that can cover all the 3D related tasks and rendering process in one click, which are quite huge tasks. Then you are in the right place because this software will cover almost all the 3D related issues and rendering process at once. If you compare this software with other tools, like Adobe After Effects or any other tools, you will eventually come to know that the rendering process is alot faster than those. Also, the import process of this one is quick enough that you will feel luckier that you have this software in your list. Urban planners, who normally looking for software that can do all the buildings outer designs as well the internal designs and the area measurement as well. If you are also an urban planner then this one is special software for you because all of these tasks will be done by this one alone.

main 3D design display

Creating videos is fun and easy to adapt to the menu system because the creators of this software have made the internal layout of the software alot more different and unique than the available software in the market. Live demonstrations of the created animations in the videos is one of the craziest process/systems which can be experienced with this software only. Live Demonstrations are not available in all of the competitor’s software because it is one of the complicated plugins that most of the software owners don’t include in their software. There are several features which will enable to tune up your videos in seconds which are unmatched with their audios, so balancing is one of the most amazing features that is available in this software only.

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3D architectural visualization tool:

One Special feature of this software is that it supports the 3D creations and visualization process. Now with the 3D objects and visualization, you can create alot more unique videos. The Professional film artists also make use of this software in making sure that the 3D objects are perfectly moved in the video. You can import all of your 3D related projects from other software like Maya, After effects and others. It is one of the best software for architects who work in 3D mostly because it supports several new plugins and templates which can be reused with the new objects available. So by using all the 3D objects and templates you can make some really awesome kinds of new videos creations which can impress your clients and bosses. Also, try Adobe Reader 9.1 DC


software main area of editing 3d models

Talking about the graphics, which is improved alot as well the speed performance is enhanced from the previous version. If you compare the speed of this software of rendering huge amount of graphics with other software you will soon come to know that this is the champion. All in one 3D graphics suite is available along with other necessary graphics editing and rendering tools. It can save hell amount of time while rendering all those heavy 3D graphics which are GBs in sizes. Even if you import the most complex 3D models from your CAD software of choice and see the speed and performance of this architectural visualization software. Many new Image types and videos type export types are added which can improve the video quality alot better than any other video and graphics editing software.

List of Some Amazing Features in Lumion Pro 6 Complete Zip Download:

  • Nice and new interface.
  • Lightweight and Faster Performance.
  • 3D creations and visualization are available.
  • It supports 3D models like DAE, FBX, MAX, 3DS, OBJ, DWG, DXF
  • It has lightmaps from AutoCAD
  • Animations are possible.
  • Dedicated update function makes it a breeze
  • Load files faster and quicker.
  • Available in multiple languages.
  • New File Formats are available.
  • Amazing new fonts and 3D Objects.

Download Lumion Pro 6 Version for Free:

Download Here

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