Windows 98 ISO Free Download [Updated 2022]

windows 98 iso download

Windows 98 is released by Microsoft on June 25, 1998. It is a mixed 16 bit/32 bit Windows operating system. Windows 98 iso download version number is 4.1 and the code name is Memphis. Windows 98 ISO (called “Memphis” during improvement and previously called “Windows 97” in light of a prior schedule) is a generally … Read more

Windows 98 SE (Second Edition) ISO Download [Updated 2022]

windows 98 se iso download

“An improved version of the primary windows98 ISO with extra new features is known as windows 98 SE ISO” Windows 98 Second Edition ISO, or W98SE, was updated in 1999 and improves massively on windows 98 se. this can be a minor design, not a genuine new release (without a doubt, the version number is … Read more