GOM Player Plus 2 Download [Updated 2022]

GOM Player Plus 2 is the latest update to GOM Player, the popular cross-platform media player. It offers a number of new features and improvements, including support for 360-degree video playback, media streaming from local storage, and more. If you’re using GOM Player on your desktop or laptop, then it’s worth downloading and installing this latest update.

GOM Player Plus 2 Overview

GOM Player Plus 2 is a powerful multimedia player that’s perfect for enjoying your favorite videos and music. It’s a modified version of the popular GOM player, which is known for its high quality graphics and gameplay. With more than 100 different games to choose from, GOM Player Plus 2 offers an unparalleled gaming experience. Also, try Bluestacks Portable 2022 (Updated)

Additionally, GOM Player Plus 2 comes with several helpful tools that make it easier to manage your media files. Some of these include support for FLAC and APE files, allowing you to playback high-quality audio files, and the ability to organize albums by artist. Overall, GOM Player Plus 2 is a great app that’s sure to satisfy your media needs.

Screenshot_1 GOM Player Plus 2

Features of GOM Player Plus 2

If you’re a music lover, you need to download GOM Player Plus 2! This powerful music streaming app lets you access your music library from anywhere in the world. You can use it to listen to your tunes on any device – from your phone to your TV. Plus, it has a built-in FM radio and supports Chromecast and AirPlay, so you can share your music with anyone in the house. If you’re looking for a music player that has tons of features and is free to download, GOM Player Plus 2 is the perfect choice! Also, try YAMAHA Vocaloid 5 [Latest 2022]

More Customization Options

There are a lot of customization options available in GOM Player Plus 2, making it the perfect player for those looking for more control over their video experience. You can choose from different themes and plugins that will make your videos look better than ever. Additionally, you can share your videos with friends and family easily using the sharing features. Overall, GOM Player Plus 2 is an excellent video player that is easy to use and customize.

Added support for more file types

With GOM Player Plus 2, you can now enjoy your favourite videos in more formats.

This amazing player supports MP4, AVI, MKV and WMV files with smooth playback on slow networks. In addition to this, it also has added support for Android phones and Windows 10 laptops. Other features include the ability to multi-track recordings and remove watermarks from video files.

Improved Media Quality

With GOM Player Plus 2, you’ll get better media quality on all your devices. From streaming videos and music to viewing photos and documents, this amazing update supports more formats and resolutions with improved subtitles/closed captions support. Overall, it’s a great update that will improve the overall media experience for all users!

Performance Improvements

There are many reasons why people love GOM Player Plus! It’s one of the most popular media players for Android and its easy-to-use interface makes it great for those who want to manage their media files easily.

Apart from that, GOM player Plus 2 also offers improved performance when streaming videos or music. In fact, some users have even reported faster download speeds and reduced buffering time! Isn’t that amazing? So if you’re looking for a media player that will improve your overall experience with multimedia content, then look no further than GOM player plus 2!

Enhanced Chromecast Support

If you want to stream your favorite shows and movies on your big screen, then GOM Player Plus 2 is the player for you. This enhanced Chromecast player supports more streaming services than most, including HDR support for supported content sources. Moreover, its user-friendly interface makes it easy to find what you’re looking for and download videos from popular Google Play Store and YouTube channels.  Also, try YAMAHA Vocaloid v4 Download

Improved Video Playback

Video playback is an experience that should be enjoyable and smooth. With GOM Player Plus 2, you can enjoy improved video playback performance. This intuitive player supports all types of videos – MP4, AVI, MKV etcetera – and lets you add subtitles and filters for a better viewing experience. It’s also compatible with both Android and iOS devices making it easier to access on any device.

New Audio Feature: ReplayGain

There’s a new audio feature available in GOM Player Plus 2 which can be very helpful for people with hearing difficulties. Called ReplayGain, this feature allows you to adjust the volume levels of different audio tracks so that everyone in your group can hear clearly. This is great news for people who have to share music playback sessions with others and want everyone to be able to enjoy it without any interruptions or confusion.

Another great feature of GOM Player Plus 2 is the ability to add subtitles to videos – perfect for people who are deaf or have difficulty reading lips. This makes video viewing more enjoyable and flexible for those who need it! Overall, GOM Player Plus 2 is a useful update that offers valuable features for music lovers of all levels of experience. So go download it now and start enjoying high-quality soundtracks like never before!

Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts

Having a keyboard shortcuts system that is easy to use and customisable is definitely a plus. This is especially true if you’re someone who works in an office or spends most of your time on the computer.

GOM Player Plus 2 comes with a great customizable keyboard shortcuts system that makes your life easier. You can customize them to suit your needs, making it faster and more efficient for you to get things done. In addition, the keyboard shortcuts are very user-friendly – even those without any special skills or knowledge will be able to use them easily.

Screenshot_2 GOM Player Plus 2

Support for 3D Audio and VR Videos

If you’re a fan of 3D audio and VR videos, then GOM Player Plus 2 is the perfect player for you. It supports playback of both 3D audio tracks and 360 degree VR videos, making it the ultimate multimedia player. Along with its versatile features, Picture in Picture mode allows multiple media players to be running at the same time. So whether you’re looking for a player that can handle all your video needs or just want to enjoy some amazing VR content, GOM Player Plus 2 is definitely worth checking out! Also, try ProPresenter 7 Free [v7.3 Latest]

New Feature to Add Annotations to Videos

With GOM Player Plus 2, you can now add annotations to your videos with notes, highlights and more. This makes it the perfect tool for teachers, students and others who need to annotate videos quickly and easily. You can also add links to websites or documents in the annotation, making it even more useful.

The new version of GOM Player is now available for free download from the Google Play Store – so go ahead and give it a try today!

Easier Editing and Streaming

Video editing and streaming can be a lot of work, but with GOM Player Plus 2, it’s easier than ever. This powerful video player offers editing features like trimming, cropping, adding annotations and subtitles, as well as filters that make videos look great. Additionally, it is capable of playback of HD videos without any lag or buffering issues. It’s also completely free to download and use!

Improved Video Quality

Video quality has always been an important factor for many people. With GOM Player Plus 2, things have improved significantly, making it the perfect video player for watching videos on your desktop or laptop.

The new version supports high definition playback on your computer screen as well as sharing videos with friends and family easily using the built-in sharing function.

Add subtitles

Adding subtitles to your videos is a great way to make them more accessible and entertaining for a wider audience. With GOM Player Plus 2, you can create personalized playlists that include different subtitles for different purposes. It’s completely free of charge – so there’s no reason not to try it out!

Remove audio tracks from videos

If you want to remove audio tracks from videos, then GOM player plus is the perfect tool for you. This free and easy-to-use media player can be used to remove audio from videos recorded on your PC or mobile device. You can also use it to trim video length and merge multiple files into one single video.

Optimal Control Panel for Video Playback

Having an optimal video playback experience is essential for any online user. With the right control panel, you can easily access and enjoy media from websites and apps regardless of your device or resolution. You will also be able to manage your media library with ease, making it easy to find what you are looking for no matter where you are in the web browser.

Ad-free Premium Video Player

Looking for a premium ad-free video player that is both sleek and modern? Look no further than GOM Player Plus 2! This app offers features such as support for various video formats, easy sharing with friends, and a user-friendly design. What’s more, it doesn’t bombard you with ads – making it the perfect choice for those who want to watch their favorite videos without any distractions. Also, try UNMIX DRUMS VST 

Smooth UHD, 4K High-Resolution Playback

Looking for a player that can offer smooth UHD, 4K high-resolution playback? Look no further than GOM Player Plus 2. This free app is available on Android and iOS devices and allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows in stunning quality! Whether you’re enjoying a movie at home or watching your favorite show on the go, GOM Player Plus 2 will take care of everything for you.

Highly User-friendly Skin and Product Design

With GOM Player Plus 2, users can experience a sleek and modern skin that is easy to use. This media player comes with features that will make streaming video and music online a breeze. Besides being user-friendly, it also has an attractive design that anyone can appreciate. So download GOM Player Plus 2 today and get started enjoying your favorite media content inStyle!


If you’re looking for an all-in-one player that can do it all, then GOM Player Plus 2 is definitely the player for you! With features such as a media player, video player, and file manager, GOM Player Plus 2 has everything you need to organize and playback your media files. Plus, it’s free to download and use! Make sure to check out GOM Player Plus 2 free download today and experience its powerful features for yourself!

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