Matlab 2010 Download [Updated 2022]

matlab 2010 download

Matlab 2010 is a super handy array-based language software that enables you to solve all of your complex matrices and data. You can use the colon operator to simplify the creation of equally spaced arrays. You can recall previously called commands in the command windows and all of them are stored. Adding a semicolon avoid command output from being visible in the command window. Several new addons and features enable this software to stand among all the matrices solvers computational data processors. With the addition of some amazing new tools, it makes you to solve and run the functions fast enough. This standalone setup of Matlab 2010 download is available for 32 Bit as well 64 bit operating systems.

Technical Details of Matlab 2010 Setup:

  • Software Full Name: MATLAB 2010 Download Free
  • Compatibility Architecture: 32 Bit (x86) / 64 Bit (x64)
  • Latest Version Release Added On: 05th Nov 2019
  • Setup File Name: MATLAB_7.10_r2010a.iso
  • Full Setup Size: 5.2 GB
  • Setup Type: Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup
  • Developers: MATLAB

Complete Overview of Matlab 2010 (7.0) Download:

One of the famous software which is being used by engineers and coders to make the software enables you to run the complex matrices. Data in the matrices can be excuted, no matter how much big it is to run and excute. Several new features and addons makes the process of computational task more easy for you. You can use functions you can browse a list of available functions in MATLAB by clicking this icon. Browsing available functions by category or by searching using keywords here matrix of random data double-clicking. Enters the function name pausing after typing a parenthesis shows a list of possible arguments. He will specify five rows and five columns you can access help on all of MATLAB by clicking the question mark.

showing the graph after processing

When choosing a function name your main consideration is does this function name already exist in MATLAB. To find out you can type exist then your potential function name that you’d like to use. If you get a value of zero returned that indicates that this name is not already being used as a built-in function in MATLAB. So you should be good to go to use that name next we’re going write a brief summary of the function so here is the function name a brief summary uses the Pythagorean theorem. A little bit more detail would calculate the hypotenuse and that’s sufficient for now. Next we’re going to calculate the hypotenuse based on the Pythagorean zero so our hypotenuse C is equal to the square root of a squared plus B. Now I’m going to add a semicolon at the end of this line to suppress the output.

User-defined functions in MATLAB:

Before we jump into MATLAB let’s take a look at the structure of a user-defined function. The first line in a function file must begin with a function definition line that contains the inputs and outputs of the function. The output arguments are the variables whose values are calculated by the function using the provided input arguments. the output arguments are enclosed in square brackets though the brackets are optional. If there is only one output the input arguments are enclosed with parentheses the function name is the same name that the file will be saved. As in the comments section while not required is useful for documenting the purpose of the function as well as input and output arguments.

matrices generation

I would highly recommend including this section particularly if other users may use the function in the future. Finally, an end statement is used to terminate a function while the end statement is occasionally optional. The best practice would be always to include it. So now let’s take a look at the first example that we’re going to work in MATLAB so we’re going to use the Pythagorean theorem. To calculate the hypotenuse of a right triangle when the length of the other two sides are known. In this case our function is going to have two inputs and one output the input arguments are going to be the length of side a and the length of side B. The single output argument is going to be hypotenuse C which we’re going to calculate based on the Pythagorean theorem. Also, download Matlab 2009 Version.

Working in the command windows with Example:

How we would call the function in the command window. You would type in the function name and then you enter in your two inputs a and B. So let’s say side length of a is three and the side length of side B is four and I’m going to click enter here. I get a value of five which is what I’m expecting based on the Pythagorean theorem. So this is correct now one thing I want to note is let’s go ahead and expand this workspace if your workspace is not already expanded. I’m going to restore it and you’ll see that in this workspace I don’t have a variable C I have this variable called ans for answer. It does have that value of five and because unlike tit, unlike a script file all the variables in a function file are local variables. Did you have tried Matlab 2008 Download [Updated 2021]

This means their values are available only within the function itself so what that means is if I actually to store that answer. As a variable I would have to tell MATLAB to do that so for example the hypotenuse. Let’s call it variable C again I would type in C is equal to now I would call the function and enter in the side lengths and click enter. Now we have C is equal to 5 and you’ll notice that in your workspace this value is actually stored. Again a really important consideration when using functions is the fact that those variables are stored locally. Now let’s take a look at a second example the purpose of this function is going to be to calculate the area and volume of a cylinder. When the radius and height are known this function is going to have two inputs and two outputs our input arguments are going to be the radius and the height of the cylinder. Also, try Matlab 2012 Download [Updated 2021]

Our output arguments are going to be the area and volume of the cylinder. :et’s move to MATLAB so again we’re going to start by creating a new function. So we’ll go to new and then function again I’m going to collapse the current folder. The workspace again to have a little bit more room to work with now in this case. We have two output arguments the area and the volume of the cylinder. I’m going to use a four area in v4 volume our input arguments needed to calculate the area and the volume or the radius. I’m going to use R and the height H next I’m going to change the function name from the default value in the template.

New Features available in Matlab 2010 Version:

  • Completely new interface and UI.
  • Write and solve complex matrices.
  • It is specially made to find solutions to different problems.
  • Special new addons and plugins.
  • It is used by engineers, scientists, and students.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • It allows the users to express their ideas in a natural manner
  • New tools and addons make it faster to execute.

System Requirements For Matlab 2010 Version:

Below are some of the recommended settings and requirements listed before you start Matlab 2010 Version free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or Core 2 Duo
  • Memory (RAM): 2GB of RAM required.

Download Matlab 2010 For Free:

Download Here