Adobe Acrobat XI Pro Free Download

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro is a wonderful tool that enables you to create, view and edit the PDF files. Adobe Acrobat XI Pro is making PDF services easier and incomparable by taking Adobe Reader usage to a new level. Adobe Acrobat comes with Adobe Acrobat Standard, Adobe Document Cloud, Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Premium software and Adobe Reader X. The Standalone version of it is available for 32 Bit and 64 Bit Systems.

Technical info about the Software:

  • Software Name: Adobe Acrobat XI Pro
  • Developer: Adobe
  • Size: 500MB

Complete Overview of Adobe Acrobat XI Pro:

It is one of the superb software which offers advanced features in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader. It is used for creating, editing and enhancing the PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat Standard is giving full feature in it to a new level by taking Adobe Reader usage to a whole new level. Also, try Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro enables you to create interactive form fields such as checkboxes, date picker, text field into your PDF files. It also supports annotating within a document with shapes or text notes plus audio and video clips. User can modify his/her file settings like adding additional information while saving file at the time of printing it from Adobe Reader software application.

To make your work easier Adobe has included table recognition tool in this version so that you can create tables, add data to them and convert PDF files into Excel documents with Adobe’s new Business Catalyst. It also supports Safe Mode Technology which let you open and edit PDF files even if a virus has corrupted the file’s contents or Adobe Acrobat ActiveX control errors appear. Adobe Reader lets you password protect your sensitive Adobe Forms so nobody can read it without entering that password. Adobe Reader also allows users to meet their business compliance requirements by using Digital Signature Form feature. Also, try Adobe Acrobat Writer 7.0

Create awesome PDF Files:

It does not matter whether you want to create a PDF document for posting it across the web or helping others in easy reading of your file; Adobe Acrobat will be there along with you. You can also share any file including images as a PDF documents easily from this advanced software.

Opening a pdf doc

Acrobat has tools which let you convert your files into various other formats like Microsoft Word, Excel etc., so that anyone who does not use Adobe can read those contents smoothly and clearly without facing any difficulty. Adobe Acrobat is also integrated with Adobe Connect and Adobe Presenter so that you can communicate with the colleagues or your students standing at a great distance from you. Adobe provides facility to open and edit PDF files even if they are damaged by viruses or it’s ActiveX control errors appear.

Adobe Reader let you save any file as Adobe PDF file but for that, you need Adobe Reader version 9.0 or later, which help you in creating a PDF file easily on your Windows system. Even though there are many other ways of creating a PDF file but Adobe Acrobat is really very easy to use software, hence an efficient way of doing this task. Once the Adobe Reader has been installed on your computer then just go through the following steps.

The interface is interactive and user-friendly:

The Adobe Reader is designed in a way it will comfortably seat you on your chair, the Adobe Reader also has some attractive tools which are amazingly useful and easy to use. Adobe Acrobat XI Pro runs on every windows operating system even on Apple’s Mac OS X too. The Adobe software welcomes its users with an all-new interface design. It displays a spacious toolbar for working with various Adobe programs like Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator etc., In this modern age of technology where everything is available in mobile applications then Adobe has introduced their Adobe Reader applications with an aim to make an individual active everywhere whether he/she is online or offline.

It offers multiple ways to interact:

Adobe allows user works by using mouse, keyboard shortcuts and touch interaction, Adobe also supports Adobe Touch technology which lets you drag and drop files. Adobe provides facility of Adobe Forms Builder to create Adobe’s interactive PDF forms; these forms make your work easier when it comes to communication with customers by sending them surveys, questionnaires or coupons. Also, try Adobe Acrobat Reader 10 DC.

It is an unavoidable fact that Adobe Reader XI Pro is Adobe’s most up-to-date version providing new updates and features constantly. You will see the change in this application thoroughly because though Adobe has completely changed its interface layout but it doesn’t provide any hard time for users to understand this new software program as it has all those tools which are visible on first sight only in previous versions of Adobe Acrobat reader like cut/copy/paste text boxes, zoom features, Adobe Acrobat print toolbar and Adobe Reader’s customizable toolbars. Adobe also provides facility to add notes, comments and annotations in the PDF file which can be viewed later on Adobe Acrobat XI Pro too.

Editing the PDF Docs

As Adobe is using their Adobe Touch technology now this version of Adobe Reader becomes more powerful than previous versions; all users are enjoying this feature as it gives flexibility for easy navigation with just a few taps. Adobe has been very smart enough in its development that they have incorporated CreativeSuite’s features also inside Adobe Reader XI Pro so you can create anything easily within this software program like photo-editing tools, shapes, objects, layers etc., This new version of Adobe products has a collection of new tools which allows user to interact with files.

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro is featured with many new features like:

1) Spell Checker Tool: This tool checks spelling in both Adobe Reader and Adobe Format 8 (which functions similar to Microsoft Office Word documents). The spell checker grammar tool also identifies proper sentences and misuse of words. Also, try Inpage 2010 Free Download

2) Adobe Media Player: Adobe Acrobat XI Pro allows you to view Adobe PDF files with Adobe Media Player in your browser.

3) High Resolution Scaling: It is the first Adobe product to offer high resolution scaling for all documents, regardless viewing at 100% or zooming in. Adobe Acrobat XI Pro has made it easier than ever before to read PDF files at any size on any computer screen, monitor or projector display.

4) Team Collaboration: Users can collaborate on Adobe PDF files via Web conferencing or video calling within Adobe Reader software application so that they can discuss and mark up their documents together even if they are not seated together in the same office space. Adobe Acrobat Pro allows you to create PDF files from within Adobe Reader software application. Adobe Document Cloud is included with Adobe Acrobat XI Pro so that you can convert your Adobe PDF files into other formats like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Adobe Illustrator directly from Adobe Reader software application.

5) Portable Document Format (PDD) for iPad: Adobe Acrobat Standard allows users to access and edit their documents on the go with Adobe’s new PDD file format for iPad; users will be able to work on their documents and annotate them while they are on-the-go. Users can share these edited files back into Creative Suite 6 design applications through a simple process. This feature also supports use of Touch gestures in Adobe reader. Also, try Microsoft Office 2013 Download

6) Adobe Integration: It allows you to sync your Adobe Reader software application settings across all of your devices with Adobe’s new Adobe Document Cloud service.

7) Adobe FormCentral Forms Printing: Adobe has included upgrades in this version for making the best and easy use of print forms feature which now supports PDF printing from Adobe Reader 10, 11 or higher versions on Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

8) Rich Text Insertion Point Toolbar : It is featured with a rich text toolbar that offers users a simple way to create tables, insert graphics and add content fields from within Adobe Reader software application; they don’t need to open the original source document to make changes in their files.

9) Adobe Forms: Adobe has created it’s forms toolkit for Adobe Reader so that you can create Adobe PDF files from Adobe Reader 10 or higher versions on Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

10) File Converter Tool: It easily converts Adobe PDF files into new formats like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ePub and HTML formats directly within the Adobe Reader software application. This is the first time Adobe users are having a single document solution to perform all their file conversion needs at one place without going anywhere else. Also, try Adobe Acrobat Reader 2019

11) Portfolio Builder: With Portfolio Builder feature of Adobe Acrobat XI Pro you can have easy access to your entire portfolio from any device with internet connection. You just need to upload your Adobe PDF files into Adobe Portfolio and Adobe Acrobat will upload them to Adobe cloud servers where you can access them from anywhere, anytime. This feature also allows users to share their portfolios with other Adobe users all over the world. Adobe has created Adobe Forms toolkit for Adobe Reader so that you can create Adobe PDF files from Adobe Reader 10 or higher versions on Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

12) View Comments in Browser Option : Users of it will now be able to view comments made by other people in their documents directly within the browser instead of having to open the original source document first; this saves time when working in a team environment, as subsequent contributors don’t need to worry about whether they are working off.

Download Adobe Acrobat XI Pro X Version for Free:

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