SolidWorks 2012 Download [Updated 2022]

SolidWorks 2012 Premium is a super handy software for making modern 3D CAD designs with the use of advanced tools. It comes up with Super Easy User Interface and modern add-ons which makes you feel professional being a designer to make a design in it. The Sketching and Modeling environments are made in advance with the addition of some cool effects and updates in it. The Standalone Setup of SolidWorks 2012 Free Download is available for 32 Bit as well 64 Bit operating systems which enable you to install on your system and start the design and modeling process. Let’s move forward and make ourselves aware of the features in it.

Technical info about SolidWorks 2012 Free:

  • Software Full Name: Solidworks 2012 64 Bit
  • Setup File Name: SolidWorks_2011_x64_SP2_Full_Setup.rar
  • Developers: Solidworks
  • Full Setup Size: 6.9 GB
  • Compatibility Architecture: 32 Bit (x86) / 64 Bit (x64)
  • Latest Version Release Added On: 12th Sep 2016
  • Setup Type: Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup

Complete Overview of SolidWorks 2012 Version for free:

Solidworks also enables you, on a part like this, to control various defaults, such as the thickness and the bend radius. You can use a gauge table to determine thicknesses and default Bend radiuses for different types of materials. You can also use various options for the bend allowance to figure out the flat pattern from the formed model can use k-factor, bend allowance, Bend deduction, Bend calculation or a bend table depending on how your shop works.

design process

You may need to set these up in detail, or you may just refer to a supplier for their defaults. Auto relief refers to the areas on your sheet metal model where SolidWorks has to rip the material slightly. These are defaults that can be set up in special sheet metal templates. If you want to do that, the important part about sheet metal models in SolidWorks is that you can flatten them. Solidworks will create a flat pattern of any sheet metal part.

Controlling the Layers:

We now have some options of or further options of how we control what layer something sits on. You can find that you can now right-click on it and an entity and change its layer from the right mouse button menu like in SolidWorks 2018 Premium. So we have access to all the layers there and you can even launch the traditional layer dialog box from there as well. We have an additional option within the dimension property manager within tolerance.

The precision we can now link the precision with the model. This just ensures consistency of how many decimal places are shown between the dimension in the model and the jewelry. We’ll just go ahead and select some of the diameter dimensions within leaders. We have some additional options with break lines. We just turn that on. We now have the choice to break just the extension line, just the dimension line or both. So I’ll leave those both on, and you can see that, as I drag these two by 60 dimensions through it automatically breaks those dimensions.

Geometric Tolerance Feature:

The geometric tolerance has been improved before you may have had to create an annotation and group it with the the geometric tolerance box. You can nail by architects access in the geometric tolerance box, go to the below frame box and then just add in the note, and you can see that moves with the other dimension there’s been some improvements to add in dimensions tonight. So if we double-click this may to edit it, what I want to do is just add a dimension here now we now have the ability to zoom in and out while editing a note, so you can see I can zoom in and the note stays active.

We’ll, just select this dimension here and you can see it’s. Added to my note box so before you may have had to drag the dimension near the night box in order to to do those, we also have some improvements to borders. We have this additional padding option which just allows us to have the cells like. So we can also do this with individual letters in our node and we have the same padding options there. We have some improvements made to tables when we reduce the size of a column. What we found was the the row quiet automatically adjusted to suit it. If we were then to drag it back, it would stay the same sizes, wouldn’t decrease it.

So you can now see that the tables automatically size their cells based on the text, which is very nice. We have a new option with regards to importing model geometry. So let’s just go in and insert some model items. The new option is to import just tolerance dimensions, so you can see, as I click on that it just adds the dimensions in with the tolerances and there’s been some improvements to the arrows on radial dimensions.

Attach points to points:

Properties where you can attach to ants and point away from a dimension with your smart arrows. So if we turn that on, you can see that, as I drag that in the arrow always points away from the dimension itself, the last update here is to baseline dimension. So these now behave very similarly to ordinate dimensions. Actually, if we want to add to the baseline dimension scheme, we can just right-click select, add to baseline and pick on the relevant edges of the model like so, and it will just be added to the scheme. Also, try Quicken Deluxe 2011 Download

We also have the same options now with regard to space. In these out. We can access the flyout here and then just change that to whatever value that we want. Okay, so some nice enhancements there will now go back to it. We got a drawing here that requires a couple of section views creating in previous releases section views could be quite time-consuming, you know and they involve the creation and sometimes complicated sketches in 2012.

About Section Views:

Section views are now streamlined, an interactive process and there’s. Actually, just one button for all section views, so we’ll go ahead and we’ll. Take a look so the first thing I do is start the section view tool and then you’ll see over. On the left-hand, side the property manager opens, get a choice of which direction. Create section view whether I’m, creating it aligned or an angled section view here. I’m just gonna start by placing the start of my section at that point, you’ll see I also get a nice little flyout here that asks me whether I want to create some jobs or multi jobs or an arc Offset.

Click on individual points of the model like so I can then add additional jobs on. If I want to like so, we can continue on that theme, so we’ll just place another one here and go back to the center and that’s. All we want to do so. Once we’ve completed that section, you’ll, see the sketch in view scope box appears the same as it always did, and we can just say okay at this point, and then we can place our section view down over on the Right-Hand side here so quite a nice and straightforward, very quick to create we’ll just place that down and you’ll see we can get some reasonably complicated section views very very quickly.

Some Amazing Features in SolidWorks 2012 Edition Download:

  • Position several parts in one place.
  • Having a new user interface.
  • New Handy 3D Animation and rendering tool.
  • Enhanced Revolve function.
  • Improvements for the balloon systems
  • 4 new scenes included for point lights in Scenes.
  • The appearance of the balloons the same by using the format painter
  • Can modify scenes.
  • Additional components to your assembly

System Requirements For SOLIDWORKS Premium 2012

Below are some of the recommended settings and requirements listed before you start SOLIDWORKS Premium 2012 free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Hard Disk Space: 5 GB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or Core i5
  • Memory (RAM): 2GB or 4GB of RAM required.

Download SOLIDWORKS Premium 2012 For Free:

Download Here